Sep 27, 2010

Coconut chutney

4 tbsp grated coconut frozen or fresh
1" piece ginger peeled and chopped
2 tsp fresh coriander leaves chopped
2 green chillies sliced
4 curry leaves
5tbsp roasted dalia /gram dal
1tsp salt or to taste
Seasoning Ingredients:
Mustard seeds ½ tsp
Urad dal ½ tsp
2 Dry Red chillies (optional)
Curry leaves 3 or 4
Oil 1tsp
• Grind the coconut, roasted gram, green chillies, coriander leaves and ginger to a fine paste using very little water.
• For seasoning: Heat oil in a pan for about 2mins till it is hot enough. Add the mustard seeds. Let them splutter & add the urad dal, red chillies, curry leaves. Fry briefly till the urad dal turns red and pour it on the chutney.
• Add salt & serve with idly or dosa.

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Savneet 'Kranti Sambhav' said...

I'm going to come here whenever I need to see how to make this chutney:)