Oct 20, 2010

Set Dosa

I first tasted set dosa in Bangalore. I never ventured to try them at home until a few months ago when I found the set dosa and sagu (vegetable kurma) recipe in the internet. My first try came out really well and I finally settled at this one. I am glad I found this recipe; this is my all time fav which I don't miss out in eating when I go to Bangalore.


2 cups rice
1 cup parboiled rice (cooked rice)
3/4 cup urad dal
3/4 cup poha/rice flakes
1 tsp methi seeds
11/2 tsp salt or to taste
 Pinch sugar (optional)

1. Soak raw rice, parboiled rice, urad dal and methi seeds in enough water for 6 hours. Separately soak the poha or beaten rice for 1-2 hours.
2. Grind all the ingredients along with poha adding enough water to form a pouring consistency. Leave it overnight to ferment.
3. Add salt & a pinch of sugar just before preparing the dosa and combine well.
4. Pre-heat a non stick tawa till really hot & pour 2 laddles of batter quickly (do not spread the batter) and let it cook gradually over medium heat. It should look like a thick pancake.
5. Flip the dosa over (this is optional) and let it cook further for less than a minute or till it is slightly roasted. Serve hot with chutney and sagu.


Chinky said...

Pinky I tried your dosa recipe and came out very well. Sandeep and Reyu loved it.Thx for posting these yummy recipes.

Pinky Surana said...

thnx chinky.....i am glad u guys enjoyed them!!!!